Flavoring Pastes

Our wide range of flavoring pastes allows consumers to enjoy rich tastes of fruit and milk-based  ice cream flavors. Pastes are added to a prepared ice cream base to achieve a wanted flavor.

Flavoring pastes can also be used as a confectionary product.

Flavors: pineapple, banana, biskvitino, cranberry, blueberry, cherrina, cola, energy ice, exotic, grenadina (pomegranate), grinina, strawberry, jaffy, peanut, caramel cream, lemon, hazelnut, malaga (prosecco + raisin), raspberry, marinero, melon, mint, orange, nuttino, walnut, pistacio, punch rum, mixed berries, tiramisu and whiskey.

Ice cream flavors in powder

Powdered flavors were developed to achieve a superior taste and ease the preparation. 

All powdered flavors are dosed 30 grams per 1 litre of ice cream base. The exception are Super Dark products, which serve as a flavor AND a base, and should be used in 200 g/ 1 L ratio. 

Flavors: coconut, yoghurt, giner lemon, dark chocolate ("super dark") and whipped cream flavor. 

TANGAR d.o.o.

Since 1991., the Tangar Company has been offering "everything for ice cream", including raw materials and finished products, as well as all necessary equipment for artisanal ice cream production. Our wide range of ice cream products include bases and flavouring pastes for artisanal ice cream, decorative toppings, and decorations. We also offer bakery products (including pancake mixes, fritule and mousse mixes) and beverages (granita, hot chocolate and frappe mixes).

We strive to ensure the continuity of product quality through constant communication with customers. Improving the quality of both the products and services and the overall business of the company is a constant task of the management and every employee of TANGAR d.o.o.



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