The arrival of cooler weather encourages shoppers to try hotter desserts and drinks. While some stick to traditional desserts, such as pancakes and fritters, those a little more daring will stay true to the ice cream and order some less traditional recipes, such as hot apple pie with a scoop of vanilla. Whatever customers you have, Tangar d.o.o. has all the confectionery products that will satisfy even the most refined tastes! In addition to ice cream products, we also offer an extensive range of bakery products, the most popular of which are: instant pancake mix, instant frittle mix, and hot chocolate.

Ice Cream

Protein and vegan ice cream bases are made to make a combination of healthy ingredients, each of which can be easily mixed with water and prepared in an ice cream machine with ice cream that has no ingredients other than nature.
The protein base is extremely popular with customers who feed on the principles of LCHF, PALEO or KETO nutrition. The new base is also low-sugar, so great for diabetics!


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Company Tangar d.o.o. founded in 1991 by Ljiljana and Marin Tangar. Shortly after the opening of a small pastry shop in his hometown of Kaštela, the Tangar company began to grow rapidly due to the huge demand for raw materials for ice cream in Croatia. In fact, Tangar d.o.o. was the first company in independent Croatia to offer a wide range of high quality confectionery and gelato products. Just ten years after the company was founded, Tangar d.o.o. purchased a part of the old Jugovinil factory in Kaštel Sućurac and transformed it into its headquarters, a center of development and production, and a main warehouse, where they still are today.

TANGAR d.o.o.

Since 1991., the Tangar Company has been offering "everything for ice cream", including raw materials and finished products, as well as all necessary equipment for artisanal ice cream production. Our wide range of ice cream products include bases and flavouring pastes for artisanal ice cream, decorative toppings, and decorations. We also offer bakery products (including pancake mixes, fritule and mousse mixes) and beverages (granita, hot chocolate and frappe mixes).

We strive to ensure the continuity of product quality through constant communication with customers. Improving the quality of both the products and services and the overall business of the company is a constant task of the management and every employee of TANGAR d.o.o.



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