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Croatian barista use Gody syrups

U Sibenik u hotelskom complex Solaris 15. i 16.04. held 5. Croatian barista championship, and featuring the total 16 Competitors from all over the Croatian, in the organization SCAE Hrvatska (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe).

The vibrant atmosphere, young Croatian baristas presented their knowledge, in order to just their choice of coffee, i way Ross initiatives more.
In the finale, after the preliminary competition entered six contestants, who had to present a paper on the coffeemaker, pripremiti after četiri espresso, capuccina i koktela na bazi kave, and all are judged by some of the authorities in the field of coffee, as chief judge Vittoria Agostija from Italy or licensed WBC (World Barista Championship) Judge, or Nikole ZIGANTE, 7. the light of competition in the coffee tasting. Official aroma competitions were Mating sirupi from the company TANGAR.

Espresso is evaluated visually, tactile i organoleptički, cappuccino had to meet the harmonious proportion of milk and espresso, and produce a creamy, soft flavor with a minimum of one inch of foam, drinks and signature cocktails are based on coffee at its recipe (Alcohol-free and with a minimum of one espresso drink).
The best Croatian barista, as last year declared Matija Hrkač won by 606,50 points, the other is young from Rijeka Mateja Vidovic s 486,6 points, and the third Alen Mijalić from Sibenik to 474 wedding.

Winner Matthias Hrkač otherwise is a professional journalist who has entered into the world of coffee by accident four years ago, and in coffee has found what he wants and likes to do. Before him prepare for World Barista Championship in Colombia, which will be held from 2. - 5.06.2011.

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