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  • Everything for Ice Cream

    Tangar d.o.o. is at your service for all your needs for ice cream, whether it is bases, pastes, decorations or toppings.

    Please contact us with confidence.

  • Decorative Toppings

    Decorative topping gives beautiful effect if it is evenly distributed in ice cream as it comes out of the machine.

    It can be used to decorate pastries as well.

  • Choco Smile - Hot Chocolate

    Choco Smile Hot Chocolate is powder product made from selected raw materials that mixed with milk or water serve for preparation of outstanding and refreshing drinks that are distinguishable by theit full flavor and natural aroma.

    Thick, warm drink comes in two basic flavors: chocolate and white chocolate, and Gody syrups are used for flavoring..

  • Uni Frappe

    Uni Frape is universal powder mix that consists of necessarry ingredients for simple and easy preparation of foamy, frosty milk desert that aromatizes with Gody syrups.

  • Gody - syrups for cocktails

    GODY cocktail syrups are intended for professional use for preparation of alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails, long drinks, or even flavoring coffee, hot chocolate or frappe.

    The syrups are made of selected high quality ingredients, and developed in cooperation with the best cocktail masters who tested and approved the products.

  • Granita

    Granita is half-frozen ice dessert that consists of various sugars, water, color and flavor. Granita is characterized by large ice crystals that from during cooling process.

    Granita is served in cups with spoon or straw, decorated with fruit or whipped cream, and is ready to serve.

  • Gody - Instant Tea

    GODY instant tea powder is low calorie drink prepared from natural ingredients, without GMO, colors or preservatives.

    Tea is enriched with a vitamin C and fruit powder which makes more tasteful and refreshing drink, and it is easy to prepare cold and hot drinks.

  • Profi cream

    Very simple preparation of whipped cream that can be used as a cream filling and decorating cakes, fruit salads and as an additive to coffee.

    Compared to classic whipped cream, "Hulala" cream is more stable, lasts longer and does not lead to softening and extraction of water.

  • Mousse

    Mousse is a foamy delicacy that is traditionally prepared with eggs and cream, with the addition of flavors such as chocolate or fruit.

    Mousse is an instant powder mixture for preparing generous cream of large volume and rich texture.

  • Panna Cotta

    Panna Cotta is a traditional Italian dish made from with cooked flavored cream.

    It is an excellent refreshing dessert, and is most often served with various toppings and seasonal fruit.

  • Pancakes

    Pancake powder mix is a product that contains all the necessary components for making high quality pancake.

    This product provides a practical, economical, quick and easy preparation without the fear of microbial contamination, because it contains heat-treated egg powder, and long expiration date.

  • Sponge cake

    Mixture for preparation of biscuit dough is finalized combination of all additives for simple and quick preparation of very stable, finely porous, and very delicious sponge cakes.

  • Gastro Jelly

    Gastro Jelly is a product for preparation of thermo-reversible, aqueous gel to decorate cakes and desserts.

    Gels are characterized by excellent transparency, high gloss and fixture.

  • Choco Smile - chocolate spread

    CHOCO SMILE NUTELINA cream is very rich chocolate spread is suitable for all ages.

    Delicious spread is produced in different flavors - hazelnut cocoa, orange cocoa, banana cocoa, - that brings smile to every customer.

Tangar d.o.o.

Company Tangar, for 20 years, has been developing its own products, production, sales, imports, export and distribution of raw materials, finished products and machines for catering and vendors, especially those that sell and produce craft-type ice cream.

On our websites you can find plenty of information related to ice cream. The novelty is that our customers can now even order our products online. Prices listed on the website are only for Croatian market and only for orders via the Internet.. After completing the order, you will receive an email on your account about the details of the payment.

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Tangar d.o.o. a plant that is producing and distributing raw materials for ice cream and desserts, is spreading its market throughout Croatia. With continuous investments in new technologies, products and additional education, we try to provide our customers quality products and services and constant innovation in the product range. Constant strive to provide quality products through constant communication with customers to meet legal and contractual obligations, procuration of high-quality raw materials. Improving quality, of products and services as much as business of our company as a whole , is the main goal of administration and all employees of TANGAR d.o.o..


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